To keep the cost of flying as affordable as possible, both for tuition and hiring, a membership scheme is in place; the more you fly, the more you save!

Standard Membership is £60 per month.

In lieu of a joining fee, at least 6 months’ (£360) is requested in advance. However if 12 months’ (£720) is paid, 13 months will be credited (1 month free). Subsequent membership can be bought by standing order if preferred.

Alternatively, for the one-off flyer, daily membership can be purchased for £45.

In order to be able to hire the Siai Marchetti S205, and to keep the hiring costs as affordable as possible, ‘Elite‘ Membership is in place.
Elite Membership is £170 per month. Elite Membership affords the hiring of the S205 and the school Cessnas, all at just £99 per tacho hour.