Aircraft Hire

The School Cessnas 152 and 172 are available for hire with Standard Membership subject to a check flight to make sure everyone’s happy.

Hiring is charged by tacho hours which, if you choose, will enable you to get maximum flying time for minimum cost.
C-152 -£115 per tacho hour (which equates to an average of £92 for an hour’s flying).

C-172- £135 per tacho hour (which equates to an average of £108 for an hour’s flying).


The Siai Marchetti is also available for self-fly hire subject to suitable training and Elite Membership.
135kts for just £99 per tacho hour!
With 4 seats with full fuel, an ultra modern panel, Garmin GTN 750, and superb handling, the S205 makes the ideal touring machine.
Variable pitch propeller and retractable undercarriage differences training is available.